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Cluster responsible staff:

Rena Giesecke

David Jenny

Luka Piškorec



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No porcelain cups are allowed in the Cluster. If you consume drinks, please use disposable cups and clean after you.


Ten Bullets by Tom Sachs. This is what we are aiming for when working in the shared workshop space.


Bullet 1: Work to Code.

An assistant is instructed not to innovate. Ideas should slowly and carefully be built on top of a preexisting idea. Inventions should be conceived of out of necessity. The fact that you can build something doesn’t always mean you should.


Bullet 2: Sacred Space.

Its just like it sounds. TAKE CARE OF THE WORKSTATION! This is the area where everything you can dream up will be made. Keep any necessary tools within reach because any person that deals with creativity knows that when an idea hits you it hits you quick and short. Don’t let anything get between you, your ideas, and the creation of it!


Bullet 3: Be on time.

When somebody hears this they often think of the beginning of a day when in reality it should apply to everything you do all day every day. You have a project you’ve been working on? Be on time. You want to watch a certain TV show? Be on time. You need the restroom? BE ON TIME!


Bullet 4: Thoroughness counts.

Whenever your working on a task don’t just work ’till its finished. Work ’till the beginning is completely finished, then work ’till you’re completely done with the middle, then finish the end. Oh and once you finish the end finish that too. Be thorough.


Bullet 5: I understand.

Whenever presented with a task you must take the information, analyze it, then analyze whether or not you understand it. If you do, say “I understand”. If you don’t, say “I don’t understand”.


Bullet 6: Keep a List.

Your list is your past and your future. Wherever you go keep one with you detailing the tasks you’ve completed and the ones you need to complete. It’s one hell of a feeling crossing tasks off your list.


Bullet 7: Reset.

Always clean your station. At the end of your day clean up then set up something that would be easy and pleasurable to complete. Start your next day off with a sense of accomplishment. It goes a long way. Resist ending the day unresolved.


Bullet 8: Leatherface.

In the studio there is a small figurine that is referred to as leather face. Whenever an employee makes a mistake like leaving equipment on, leaving the door open, or leaving unannounced it costs them a small fine that doubles after each occurrence. All funds raised in this way are spent on a party.


Bullet 9: Persistence.

The Tenacity Prayer: “Nothing can take the place of persistence. Talent will not, nothing is more common than unsuccessful men with talent. Genius will not, unrewarded genius is almost a proverb. Education will not, the world is full of educated derelicts. Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent. -Ray Kroc



Knoll /nol / verb. (1989 USA). To arrange in a parallel or 90 degree angle as a method of organization.





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