Luka Piškorec

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Luka Piškorec studied Architecture at the Faculty of Architecture at the University of Zagreb in Croatia and worked in architectural offices in Croatia and Switzerland. He continued his studies at the ETH in Zurich and received the Master of Science in Architecture (MSc ETH Arch) in 2011. During his studies he concentrated on digital fabrication techniques as well as algorithmic programming procedures applied to architecture. Since 2011 he is working as a research assistant at Gramazio Kohler Research at ETH Zurich. Until 2015 he was leading the Chair’s semester course dealing with the development of robotic digital fabrication techniques and their implementation in architectural design. From April 2015 he is teaching at Master of Advanced Studies (MAS) ETH in Architecture and Digital Fabrication, an interdisciplinary programme initiated by NCCR Digital Fabrication at ETH Zürich.

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