Printing at ETH

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Instructions for printing on the Nashuatec MP C 3003 shared printers (A4 and A3):,CardETH


For Windows, click on the Start button and enter the name of the print server including the domain extension:

Windows 7: \\pia01\card-ethz
Windows 8: \\\card-ethz
Windows 10: \\\card-ethz

This will install the network printer and add it to your list of printers under card-ethz on pia01. You can now use it as you would any other printers. You have to release the print (for example on HIB E floor) by holding your ETH card at the designated place on the printer.


For the scanning, you can use the same printer by switching the mode on the left to SCANNER and designating your email address:



Check your printing log on the following link:


For printing in the public area, use Print Release Station or VPP-Touch:


The following steps are necessary to successfully print in student labs:

1. For color laser and plotter: Charge your prepaid account. You can recharge your account with credit card at: -> meine Services -> Credit, or at  the counter in HIL C56.3 or in HG E48.2.

2. Send your print job with VPP. You will find «destination» and «device» parameters on the printer.

3. Look for a PRS with free capacity. (Display shows workload and location of this and alternative printers.)

4. Launch print job at PRS with «nethz» -username and -password.

5. Pick up printout immediately.


For the VPP Touch you’ll have to register your pin code at: -> meine Services -> VPP PIN


For larger or specialized print jobs you can use Print Center (Druckzentrum) in HIL C 45:




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